Siruba 700KT Series Overlock Machine

SIRUBA 700KT is a series of specialized overlocks with double transport. Overlock with double transport, designed for sewing heavy materials, e.g. upholstery materials, jeans, work clothes, etc.

The use of upper transport guarantees even guiding of many layers of materials and stitching on beads and cross seams is much easier. The machine can be optionally equipped with additional pneumatic thread cutting.

Optional equipment:

  • CT – pneumatic thread trimmer (bottom)
  • VT – pneumatic thread trimmer (upper)
 Thread numbers

Needles Gauge
In mm
Stitch Width
In mm

UP Differential

Stitch Length
In mm
Height Feet
In mm
Sewing speed
[stitches / min]
Optional equipment
737KT-504M-3-0*3-4,50.7 - 2.01 - 63.257000VT
747KT-514M-3-2*423,4,50.7 - 2.01 - 63.256700VT
757KT-516M-3-3*533,4,50.7 - 2.01 - 63.266700CT
757KT-516M-3-5*555,60.7 - 2.01 - 63.266700CT
757KT-516X-3-5*556,70.7 - 2.01 - 63.285500CT